Instructions for placing weather on the iPhone

To get a real iPhone application experience,
create an icon for iWDL on your springboard
(I don't know about Android).

This is how to do it:

On your iPhone Surf with Safari to:
Option 1 or
Option 2 or
Option 3 Wunderground History

Tap the + - sign in the bottom toolbar of Safari

Choose 2nd option (put on home screen)

Give it a name of your liking

When done, there is an icon on your springboard;
tapping it makes it feel like a native iPhone app.

If you have a scanner app on your smart phone you can scan the appropriate barcode!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3 Wunderground History

Cellphone scripts courtesy of:
Sietse at and
Meerkat at Bronberg Weather